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It's time for America, in particular, to realize atheists are good, moral and ethical neighbors, co-workers, friends, relatives and volunteers, just like everyone else.  Every atheist is different, of course, just as is the general population.  The only common ground for atheists is that there is no god.  Other than that, atheists are not necessarily followers, not necessarily joiners of organizations, and not necessarily even aware of each other in any given community.  Atheism is not a religion or belief.

In order to dispel the damaging and untrue myths about atheists it is time for atheists to make themselves visible within their communities. It's time to come out of the closet.  Especially in this time of confrontational fundamentalism, dominionism, and new challenges to the separation of church and state, it is imperative for the health of everyone that atheists defend this country's heritage of secular government, education and respect for science and reason.

How to Use This Website

I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ATHEISM:  You will find some good websites under the Resources tab to begin your exploration. There are many websites that clearly answer many questions you might have.  Other websites talk about how the major religions began, why people believe in superstitions in the first place, and much more.  You can also use any search engine to hopefully find atheist groups that meet near where you live.  You can also find many books available online by such well-known atheist authors as Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Bertrand Russell, Michael Shermer, and many others.

I AM AN ATHEIST WHO BELIEVES WE MUST SPEAK OUT:  You might identify with our "Ask an Atheist" Project under the tab of that name.  Please consider organizing an Ask an Atheist group in your area.  You will find some helpful tips to begin.  Share your experiences coming out and speaking out on our Out Atheist Facebook page and in this website's forum.

Everyone is welcome to send an email using the Contact Us tab.

No heaven above.
No hell below.
Live your life now,
'Cause there's nowhere to go.

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